Peacebuilding is Our Weapon
We promote Human Capital Development in Peacebuilding through solution-oriented Education and Training. Read more
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We inform governments and other non-state actors
on the policies for the promotion and consolidation of
Peace strategies and the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) through advocacy.
New Hope For Near Future We produce innovative methodologies to measure elements of human development and growth and its impact on the level of peace Welcome to CPARM Peace
Is All We Need
Transcending cultural backgrounds

Peace is Cost-Effective

Together we can make our Countries Peaceful.


We provide and promote data and fact-based research as the first step towards creating a peaceful world.
We are an equal opportunity service provider that values the richness of Africa’s diverse communities and emphasizes inclusiveness.
We promote Human Capital Development in Peacebuilding through solution-oriented Education and Training.
We engage, sensitise and build capacities of stakeholders directly involved in positively influencing policies on Good Environmental Governance, Fight against Climate Change, Social inclusion and Development in sustainable ways.
We provide a range of Peace and Conflict Consulting SERVICES with a focus on generating and analyzing data for effective comprehension of the elements of peace.
The ACHU FOUNDATION advocates for the protection of the rights of vulnerable populations, minorities, refugees and internally displaced persons.

Slide EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR (FOUNDER) Maxwell N. Achu is a Career Diplomat, Conflict Transformation and Governance Researcher, Peacebuilding Expert, Author, PhD. Candidate in the United Nations University for Peace Africa Regional Programme in Addis Ababa. Author to several writings, his prolific abilities in analytics and fact-based Research in Peace is fascinating. His contribution to innovative methodologies to measure elements of Human Development and Growth and its impact on the level of Peace is impressive. Other key areas of his expertise revolves in quantitative research, data generation, index development, statistical analysis and communicating data driven research within the field of PEACE, CONFLICT and DEVELOPMENT. Maxwell N. Achu " In its uniqueness, CPARM seeks to shift gears in the quest of African continental peacefulness from passive activism (advocacy) to active pragmatism through Research. We work on available data and metrics from a wide variety of Peace Organizations to quantify peace vulnerabilities in societies, as well as advice towards amelioration.
At CPARM, we hope to make a difference in Africa and eventually become the leading Peace Research-based entity in a bid to contend with the high-rise of violence, and Violence Containment Expenditure that comes with such high-rises. Also, we create a shift in people’s perception of peace, as well as provide a range of Consulting Services.
CPARM further engenders inclusiveness and responsiveness to the needs of the broad community that we serve, while granting access to our Services to all people regardless of means or identity.
Join CPARM on this journey.
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We accept donations from well-wishers who want to see nations and people live in peace. Your donations will help send out more volunteers to the field and by donating, you are actually promoting the importance of peace. Thank you for your continuous support.
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Membership is open to persons who embody aptitudes and foundational values for community services: integrity, impartiality, objectivity and non-partisanship. Membership is open to all nationals, races or sex who have valuable contributions to foster change.
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Become a partner
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